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Made For Life

Delivering Quality is Our Purpose

Whether you’re looking for a backpack to protect your laptop during your daily commute or a strong duffel to carry your gear on all of your adventures, Vessel is ready to take on the world with you. More than just fancy needlework, Vessel bags are handmade to the finest detail from the highest quality materials. We’re committed to using technical innovation and craftsmanship to ensure every bag is perfect, down to the last detail––offering you a lifetime of luxury.

Swatch Kit

Request one of our swatch kits to see, feel, and touch our colorways and fabrics. Designing your perfect bag just got easier.

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Vessel's tote bag is basically a lifesaver. I'm a busy working mom and the fact I can use my tote bag for client meetings during the week then store my baby's bottles and toys in it for weekend playdates is as close to perfect as you can get.

Lenya McGrath, San Diego