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Backpacks Change Lives

With your purchase and our charity partners,
Vessel gives access to education to kids around the world.

Inspired by You

Intentionally designed and handcrafted to perfection. Made for a unique mission, one that only you can fulfill. Life is an adventure, experience it to the utmost. Carry what you treasure, become who you were created to be. Every Vessel—Filled With Purpose™

Inspired By You

Inspired By Your Journey: Photographer Yuya Matsuo

Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Dubrovnik; these are just a few of the beautiful cities photographer Yuya Matsuo has captured while traversing the world with his camera in tow...

Giving Back

Vessel's Impact on Love Does

What if you could change lives merely by staying true to your core strength? We made this a reality ...

Inspired By You

Living Next to Outer Space with Tim Foreman

We sat with Tim Foreman to learn about his personal passions and how he lives a life of purpose...


Filled With Purpose

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