Filled with purpose

We build luxury products that support disruptive brands, athletes and professionals to fulfill their purpose.

Meaning behind the mark

Vessel, visually conveyed by the letter “V” bears the image of a vessel. Vessel in the definition itself carries its treasure and purpose from one destination to another. The letter mark can also be viewed as two hands being raised in exaltation and triumph with blessings flowing in and out.


A founding component of Vessel was being purposeful and living out Vessel’s tagline Filled with Purpose. By believing that we can all make a difference, Vessel has committed to donate a school backpack to a child in need. Since the Buy A Bag, Give a Bag program was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide over 27,000 school backpacks to children around the world.


Producing a luxury bag handcrafted from the highest quality of materials with intricate design to the finest details, we were relentless to ensure that every bag was perfect down to the last stitch- offering the ultimate performance luxury.